brand story

adam + angela is a quiet brand that makes earth-friendly everyday clothing featuring messages supporting connections made through sacred practices.  Our designs speak rather than shout.

This One Is So You!

  • “Let your example be the way to change others' lives. Reform yourself and you will reform thousands ” 

    - Paramahansa Yogananda


    PLEASE NOTE: Our printing and shipping partners are experiencing delays due to high volumes and labor challenges. We do our best to factor this in when estimating your delivery dates and are working hard to ensure you get your order on time.

  • Why Don't Our Shirts Cost 11.99?

    That T-shirt you’re wearing—do you know how much water was used to make it? How much fuel expended to ship it? How many ounces of scraps were cast aside from the trimmings? Consider that if you purchase a higher quality, organic cotton or other eco-friendly shirt, and wear it often over the course of several years, you will pay more up front, but your cost per use will be so much better over the long run. And you will look good in a well fitting garment. All of this is in addition to lowering your carbon footprint and ensuring that your t-shirt was made following fair labor practices. You are worth it and so is our planet!

  • About Us:

    We are Adam Wilson and Angela Davis.  A couple of nomadic romantics, we found each other at last in a sweet neighborhood yoga studio in Eugene, Oregon and bonded deeply over our shared appreciation for embodied practices and the 8-Limbed Path of the yogic lifestyle.  We love world music, ecstatic dance, good books, kirtan and devotional chants, buying organic and local, and living simply and intentionally so that we can be good stewards of the earth and respectful of our fellow beings.